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Planes are scheduled via an on-line scheduling tool or via telephone using an automated scheduler. Availability of aircraft is excellent; no minimum advance notice is required. Aircraft schedule may be amended on the fly.


Dues & Hourly Rates


  • Hourly rates are ' wet ' and members may fuel at any FBO of their choice with fuel purchases reimbursed by the Club at the pre-defined rates.

  • Members pay a monthly fixed dues amount and hourly rates for flying time.

  • Dues, hourly rates, and fuel reimbursement rates are reviewed twice per year at the Club's Finance Committee meeting that is open to all members to attend. 


  • Plane Captains are assigned to each aircraft to ensure aircraft has oversight and is actively managed.

  • Maintenance officer manages mechanical status of aircraft, scheduling routine and preventative maintenance and coordinating with the maintenance shop for repairs.

Member Benefits 

  • Great availability of all planes

  • No 'per day' minimum rates 

  • All rates are ' wet ' 

  • Professionally, well maintained aircraft 

  • Private secure hangars with restroom facilities

  • Easy on-line or telephone based scheduling system 

  • Regular Club programs, fly-ins and seminars including quarterly safety meetings

  • Safety and Mentor Pilot volunteers 

  • Limited number of Memberships offers great aircraft availability

  • All the benefits of ownership - but without all the costs

Memberships Fees and Dues

  • Non-Refundable Initiation Fee: $3,500.00

  • Refundable Security Deposit: $500.00

  • Member Monthly Dues: $210.00


Membership Application

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